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A Gripping Political Series: Bodyguard

Give it a chance if you want to watch an enjoyable series without getting tired or bored. In every episode, a series where suspense, action and realism are at the forefront.

Plot: David Budd, a bodyguard for the interior minister, finds himself caught up in a political power struggle. As a dutiful staff member, it is up to him to find those responsible for the events that happen to him in this power struggle.

Why I liked it: It has a very gripping structure. And the fact that it accomplishes all of this with a few combat scenes over the course of 6 episodes is quite impressive. Instead of explosions or exaggerated gun scenes, there is a very high quality and sequential plot. The show feels very realistic, which makes you feel like you're in the thick of things.

Bad Points: The series of course has some clichés. It is a bit absurd that although there are names from the important cadres of the state in the meetings led by the Minister of Interior, only 3-5 people speak in these scenes. While the whole event revolves around these 3-5 people at the table, the other people just watch them like lifeless mannequins... And it's not a very original script.

IMDB: 8.1 Posted Score: 6.5



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