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A Memorable Father-Daughter Story

Aftersun movie review

Aftersun is a very calm and slow-moving movie based on a father-daughter relationship. I don't even want to call it a movie because if I say it like that, it sounds like fiction, but this production is an extremely realistic, natural and sincere production that makes us feel like we are witnessing a memory from start to finish. A modest holiday destination in Turkey in the 90's as a venue became a film for me, with its music and the warming power of nostalgia. The fact that it takes place at a time when there is no smartphone made the movie even better for me. From time to time, my childhood holiday memories are not revived. For this reason, I always felt calm, peaceful and happy when I watched the movie. The natural behavior of the people behind the scene and the sincerity of the life in the background were also one of my favorite things in the movie. Because everything seemed very real and sincere.

It's so nice to be under the same sky. For example, sometimes I look at the sky and if I see the sun, it means we both see the sun. Even though we can't be together, we are all together.
aftersun movie review

While Sophie and her father are on vacation, it's a pretty common vacation activity for Sophie. But years later, when he watches the recording of these vacation memories, he realizes that his father is struggling with feelings of inadequacy and depression. Sophie doesn't understand that at the time because she's only 11 years old. This situation shows us that looking at the same memories in different time periods can cause us to perceive all events very differently. This is exactly what happens here, and Sophie gets to know and understand her father years later. But we, the viewers, learned these problems of his father from the books in his hotel room, meditation, etc. We understand situations. But it will be possible for Sophie 20 years later to realize this. Questions remain unanswered about what happened to Sophie's father after the movie ends. Frankly, I didn't wonder, but my guess is that Sophie never saw her father again after this vacation. I wonder if his father committed suicide. Perhaps the cast on his hand was due to an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Who knows?

While witnessing a cheerful and entertaining father-daughter relationship from time to time, it was also nice to watch this father-daughter relationship in 90's Turkey with its impressive, thought-provoking and hurtful dialogues from time to time.

IMDB: 7.7 Posted Rating : 7.5

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