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Oscar Wilde - The Portrait of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray is Oscar Wilde's first and only novel. I can roughly say that it is a book that is shaped on topics such as hedonism, sin and decadence. They were a work that I had come across constantly for years, but was waiting for its turn to be read and excited me. However, I had high expectations for this book. And when I ask myself if it met my expectations, my answer is definitely yes. I think that the fact that the book is read as a highly admired and loved work today is related to the fact that Oscar Wilde blended many psychological elements with literature in his book and worked very well. The Picture of Dorian Gray deals with a topic that makes us think about the effects of arrogance and how it can corrupt an individual. It also helps us question the concept of hedonism. However, another importance of this work is that this novel, which was written while the author was exposed to criticism and sanctions during his lifetime due to his homosexual orientation, is presented as evidence against these sanctions.

“Basil Hallward is who I think I am. Lord Henry is what people think I am, and Dorian is who I want to be, maybe in another era.”

The parts of the book that I enjoyed the most while reading the book were the conversations that Lord Henry was involved in and that seriously affected Dorian. As a character who has a very ready response and has already determined his attitude towards life, his influence on Dorian actually causes the events to begin. Lord Henry causes Dorian to be emboldened and to stir the feelings and thoughts that lurk in him. They are chatting with Dorian on many issues, and from time to time he guides Dorian on this path he has decided to walk. If I say that many of the thoughts and words that I have underlined in the book belong to Lord Henry, I think I would have simply explained what I wanted to say.



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